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Body Detox Cleansing vs Colon Cleansing

You may have heard that the human colon can have stored up to 20 pounds of toxic waste or fecal matter.  Although most individuals don’t have this much, even 5 extra pounds of stored feces is too much.  For this reason you may be interested in ridding your body of this toxic matter; but how do you?  You will find two main options listed online, body detox cleansing and colon cleansing.

There are many similarities between a body detox cleanse and a colon cleanse.  Both are designed to eliminate toxins from your body.  The approach taken is different.  With a body cleanse your whole body is targeted, including your colon.  With a colon cleanse, only the colon is targeted.

So, which approach is right for you?

It depends on what you expect to accomplish–your desired outcome. Do you only want to remove the extra waste which may be causing you to carry around excess pounds?  If so, a colon cleanse is your best option.

Although many people are horrified to learn they may have a lot of waste clogging their colons, this is not the only reason for a body detox or a colon cleanse.

Detoxification has a number of benefits, including an improvement in the skin, increased energy, and an overall feeling of well being.  If this is your goal, a whole body detox cleansing is your best option.

The procedure you intend to use to detox or cleanse can also determine if a whole body cleanse or colon cleanse is right for you.  With colon cleanses, you have a number of different options, including a saltwater flush.  Even with this cheap option, many prefer to purchase over-the-counter products, which may include pills or drink mixes.  In most instances, these products do work, but you may find them to be costly.  A drink mix, which tends to work faster than pills, can cost up to $50 for one serving!

In keeping with costs, you may find a whole body detox cleansing to be a more affordable option. Although over-the-counter products are available, many turn to water fasting, juice fasting, and the Master Cleanse.  Out of the three, the Master Cleanse will be the most expensive, because you’ll need to purchase cayenne pepper, grade b maple syrup, natural salt, and fresh lemons.  Not only do body detoxes tend to be cheaper, but remember they target the whole body, including the colon.

As previously stated, colon cleanses tend to work faster than whole body detoxes.

This is because you are targeting a specific area of your body.  As nice as this sounds, you need to take into account your daily routine.  A colon cleanse in drink form should produce results in 1 hour or less.  Which means you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom.  For this reason, a colon cleanse is recommended for at-home use only.  Pills tend to work over a period of 7 to 30 days.  Throughout that time, you’ll be able to notice a pattern in your bathroom habits, making it easy to go about your daily routine.

So, should you undergo a whole body detox cleansing or a colon cleansing?  The choice is up to you. However, if you have the time to devote to a body detox and have the ability to forgo solid foods, you may experience the best results with this option.