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Free Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

By cjohnson


Stretch marks can happen to anyone who went through puberty rapidly or who gained or lost weight very quickly. Although many expensive skin treatments as well as laser surgeries and other medical procedures claim to permanently remove stretch marks, there are free and natural ways to do it yourself. Because stretch marks are a direct result of your skin’s inelasticity, helping your skin maintain moisture and nutrients will help remove them.

Step 1

Create a homemade moisturizer for removing stretch marks. Fill an empty bottle with a spout top halfway with big chunks of pure shea butter. Pour olive oil into the bottle, filling it until it is just a little past the top of the shea butter. Close the bottle and shake vigorously until the solid shea butter chunks disintegrate and dissolve. Liberally rub the solution into the areas where you have stretch marks. The solution in the bottle will solidify after use, so the next time you take a shower, leave the bottle inside the shower. The heat from the water will break the solid down so that by the time you finish showering, your moisturizing solution will be ready. Apply this moisturizer every day. In about 6 months, your stretch marks should either be completely gone or dramatically diminished in appearance.

Step 2

Eat a healthy diet and start an exercise regimen. Because most stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain, the best way to tackle them is by adopting healthy eating habits and maintaining a consistent fit lifestyle. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will provide your skin with the necessary nutrients and vitamins to maintain elasticity and moisture, which will help to combat stretch marks. Regularly exercising will help you achieve the muscle tone needed to balance the stretching and growth of your skin.

Step 3

Mix almond oil with 7 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of chamomile oil. Apply this solution to your stretch marks every day for several weeks. The lightened skin caused by your stretch marks will gradually start to diminish.

Step 4

Use makeup to cover your stretch marks. Although this is not a permanent way of removing stretch marks, body makeup can be effective for those special occasions when you need to conceal the stretch marks that are visible under your dress. Use a body concealer to cover up the stretch marks on your lower back, underarms or cleavage so that you can wear your outfit without feeling self-conscious.
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