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Eczema On Eyelids — Health Quick Tips

Eczema on eyelids is a problem that generally presents with scaling, erythema, and edema associated with burning and pruritus. The irritants and the allergens in the atmosphere are the main causes that account for eczema on eyelids. The skin near and around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and is easily vulnerable to irritants as well as allergens. Hypersensitivity to the environmental allergens like the dust, mold and pollen or seborrheic dermatitis may also cause eczema eyelids.

Eczema is an underrated disorder that is frequently overlooked. It has devastating effects and the treatment of this condition is really hard. When eczema begins to spread towards the eyelids, it is a condition that cannot be tolerated by many people. Eczema eyelid is associated with itching and pain.

Symptoms of eyelid eczema

* The common symptoms are itchy, inflamed and scaly skin* In adults the skin may become too dry; whereas in children it becomes too weepy.* Mild eczema is associated with a small irritation; whereas severe eczema becomes unbearable leading to disruption at work or at home, low self esteem, depression and disturbances in sleep.
The best way of preventing eczema eyelids is to prevent it before it occurs. Some allergens are present in the air itself that are difficult to avoid. If you have allergens in and around your house, you can use air filters, allergen-tight bedding, or anti-allergen cleaning products for decreasing their presence.

Treatment of eczema eyelids:

The typical treatment for eczema eyelids is comprised of a series of corticosteroids, but their use has some side effects causing the thinning of the skin or enlargement of the blood vessels. But, the new advanced treatments do not possess any such risks. This new treatment is called topical immunomodulators. They are very safe to treat the sensitive areas of the eyes.

The patient suffering from eczema on eyelids should generally avoid all the possible irritants and allergens. He should stop using the cosmetics and the skin products that cause irritation to the eyes. He should avoid scratching and rubbing of the eyes. Sometimes the doctor for temporary relief may prescribe a moisturizer.

One important thing to remember is that your eczema becomes worst with stress. So, take some time for yourself and get involved in activities that you like, and that will promote relaxation. You can take up meditation, yoga, creative relaxation, or any other hobby or pastime to reduce your stress.